Long Term Care Insurance – Misconceptions and Dangers

Long term care insurance is one of the less popular insurance policies. It’s lack in popularity is not really because of its unimportance but largely due to ignorance and general misconceptions. The consequences of these are usually grave. Because of this I think it will be a wise move if we took some space off […]

How to Get the Best Rates on Long Term Care Insurance in Missouri

How many people do you think enjoy planning for the day that they will need round-the-clock nursing home care? How many want to think about the time when they won’t be able to bathe themselves, or dress themselves or even feed themselves? That’s what makes talking about long term care insurance in Missouri so difficult. […]

Save By Using Coupons!!

We the people, just as it is stated in the Preamble of the United States Constitution, tells us that we can establish justice, insure tranquility, and establish the U.S. Constitution. Just as we are able to do this we are able to be frugal. Being frugal isn’t about being poor, living on the streets, and […]

How to Find Cheap Oklahoma Long Term Care Insurance Rates

While Oklahoma long term care insurance may not always come cheap, it is a bargain compared to the cost of paying for your long term care without it. The key to getting an affordable OK long term care insurance (LTCI) policy is to buy it early when premiums cost less and before health conditions develop. […]