Long-Term Care Insurance – The Best Way to Ensure Your Long-Term Care

Choosing the right long-term care insurance may be the most important retirement planning you do. You hope as with all the other types of insurance you purchase you will never need to use it. The difference with long-term care insurance is that there is a much greater chance of using it than your homeowners, auto […]

How to Get Affordable Long Term Care Insurance in Missouri

Most people refuse to image that they will one day need help feeding, bathing and clothing themselves, or that they could ever need round-the-clock care in a private nursing home – yet according to recently-released census figures, almost 50% of all Missouri residents who live to age 65 will need such care at some point […]

Long Term Care Insurance – Misconceptions and Dangers

Long term care insurance is one of the less popular insurance policies. It’s lack in popularity is not really because of its unimportance but largely due to ignorance and general misconceptions. The consequences of these are usually grave. Because of this I think it will be a wise move if we took some space off […]