How to Find Cheap Oklahoma Long Term Care Insurance Rates

While Oklahoma long term care insurance may not always come cheap, it is a bargain compared to the cost of paying for your long term care without it. The key to getting an affordable OK long term care insurance (LTCI) policy is to buy it early when premiums cost less and before health conditions develop. […]

Long Term Care Insurance – Don’t Hurt Yourself, Get These Facts

There are lots of misconception about long term care and the insurance policy that provides coverage for it. These misconceptions come with grave consequences and because of this we’ll go through some misconceptions that are often touted as truths… 1. Health insurance and Medicare will take care of your long term care needs? Yes, depending […]

Long Term Care Insurance – The Easy Way To Go For It Now

The importance of long term care insurance (for those who need it) cannot be overemphasized. As good and as important as it is, it introduces an additional strain on our budget. You don’t want to even imagine the greater pains that could result if you don’t have it and then end up needing long term […]

Long Term Care Insurance – Why You Should Get It

There are arguments that attempt to prove that you don’t need long term care insurance. Hopefully, you wouldn’t. However, that’s the very philosophy behind insurance as a whole: You are paying for something you hope you’ll never need. Is it wise to have a home insurance policy? If your answer to this is yes then […]